Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whiskey ups and downs

First, the good news: interwebs rumor that Amrut Indian Whisky is coming to the States in October 2009. Great. Unless I don't like it, in which case it will be like that time I bought the first Carcass album Reek of Putrefaction expecting Heartwork/Necroticism style awesomeness. Boo!

The bad news: internet rumor is that Paddy's will be sold. To whom? Maybe the buyers will keep production at Midleton and fight to expand market share and bring it to America. Maybe they will roll it up or muck it up. I've never had it. Maybe it is terrible? Maybe it is awesome. I'm hoping it is the latter and that someway or somehow it comes Stateside.

Final thought: it seems a shame that I live so close to Canada (though so far compared to where I once lived - just an hour away) and yet I've barely scratched the surface of Canadian whisky. And to be fair, I've had much better experiences with our well mannered neighbors to the north than with American whiskey. Take that, Kessler's. Smooth as silk my ass.

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