Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From my childhood 6: Yacht Rock

Now, I thought I was with the times on internet humor. But apparently I missed the boat with the yacht rock skits. In case you missed it too, here is a video from the yacht rock documentary:

Here's the deal: my parents listened to AM Gold as a child, so I know the tune to every one of these yacht rock songs. However I could not tell you the name of the band or artist, or even the name of the song. The Doobie Brothers are smooth rock? I thought they would be acid rock. Steely Dan is smooth rock too? I would have pegged them for hard rocking classics from the South, opening up for Lynard Skynard. Hah.

So there are my smooth rock yacht rock creds. It was simply from my childhood.

Post Script: I wish I would have known about this several months ago. I was searching for a theme for my summer of unemployment. This would have been perfect for July - September. Maybe next year?


  1. I love this series. Of particular interest are the Van Halen and Steely Dan-vs.-The Eagles episodes.

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