Monday, November 2, 2009

In my head

Lately I have been listening to Motörhead non-stop. It is strong and sinewy. It is lithe and quick. It is rough and dirty. It is like a gangly old hobo with a belly full of rot-got and a head full of demon's voices. It will fuck you up. As Lemmy told me "we are Motörhead and we're here to kick your ass". If you don't own it, go out right now and buy Ace of Spades.

If they moved next door to you, your lawn would die.

A year ago when I was shopping for an overcoat I thought about buying a military greatcoat, but I couldn't find a black one. I almost bought this one, but thought the better of it. That's why I'm not as cool as Lemmy. Really I should have bought that Soviet navy officer's coat though. That's the real deal right there, and I've wanted some Soviet memorabilia for a while. From my childhood and all that. It would go well with my Maoist propaganda posters.

Raise the Red lantern

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