Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Let the litigation flow

In college I met a guy named Alfie a few times. He was an engineering student. He was a fan of Pantera. Being that this was a million years ago and a lot of web design was still in the hands of engineers, Alfie started the website pantera.com. It was a fan website with everything that modern band pages have: message board, pictures, biography, tour dates, etc.

Several years ago I read that the remainder of the band were suing Alfie for control of Pantera.com. He counter sued in preparation for the litigation that was to ensue. His goal wasn't to win, but to simply cost Pantera large sums of money in legal fees (per diem baby!) while they attempted to wrest control of the domain. One in which he maintained for free all those years.

I wondered what happened to that? You can see the original docket here. Phil's middle name is "Hanson"! It transferred to a new venue in October of '07. If you read this docket you can see that they sued him to remove all the band logos and any affiliation to the band from the website. I think they were also trying to pry the domain name from him via cybersquatting laws. Looks like they also tried to shake 100,000 dollars in statutory damages out of the guy. I would turn Pantera.com into a website about Pantera Negra Brandy. A Brandy de Jerez. That's one copyright infringement lawsuit I don't fear.

Hooo boy that stuff is ghastly.

I haven't been able to locate the court ruling from the googles. Maybe you have a link? I sure hope he didn't have to fork over 100k, but I'm sure he isn't running Pantera.com anymore.

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