Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mining the misses

During the packing and unpacking process I managed to lose my James Murphy CD again. Sucks! But I did raid the girlfriend's CD collection and managed to pull out two winners. Patsy Cline - 12 Greatest Hits and Journey - Greatest Hits.

One of my favorite bars in Madison had this on the jukebox. The old 45 was so worn you couldn't hear most of the backing instruments.

My girlfriend's favorite Journey song.

Speaking of Journey, did you know that Neal Schon has released a number of instrumental guitar albums? It's true.

I think he's on Vai's label Favored Nations. Not surprising.

So at least I got a few new jams before things really shake up around here.

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  1. Schon's "90's Theme" from the Tron OST is groundbreaking.