Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer doldrums

These days I am quite broke. Moving was far more expensive than I hoped. I have a job lined up but may not start until July. So no reviews of any fun booze for quite a while more.

The good news is that I have sourced my old friend Veterano brandy here in the city. That is good because I have a liter bought by my good buddy whilst in Spain that I have been draining. Funny the Spanish stuff is only 36% while the stuff here in the states is the usual 40.

So for now I do things that are free. I drink from the reserves. I got my library card so now there is that.

Speaking of which; I hate the library here. It is new, cold, sterile, and lifeless. My old haunt in downtown Madison was built in the 60s and designed to double as a bomb shelter. It was gritty. The ancient linoleum had yellowed, the industrial carpet had faded to a near vomit color, and the reading room had the familiar stink of the homeless at all times. You know that putrid smell of an old ashtray mixed with old gymsocks and all the sweat mopped from a basketball court after a good long day. Why I'll bet on a cold winter's day they throw the bums out at this new place.

So with Spanish brandy and a library at my disposal The Sun Also Rises is the best choice. It is one of my favorites. I like to imagine that Fundador in the 20s is like what Veterano is today.

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