Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Field tests

I took the bottle of Murphy's Irish whiskey camping. It was drunk, and subsequently it drunkened us. So here is my limited appraisal: it tastes a lot like Paddy's Irish whiskey. This isn't a surprise, in retrospect, as they both claim parentage at the Cork distillery. So where is Murphy's from? I think it is entirely possible that some warehouse or distributor in the region had a case collecting dust and shipped it to a liquor store in the manufacturing district. I think it is possible that this bottle is from the 80s. The label looked really old, and the distributor on the label either went bankrupt or relocated out of New York.

So there it is.

I also brought a bottle of Old Grand-Dad bottled in bond. I wasn't sure how it would go over. After all, I don't enjoy the typical smokey, peaty Scotch and most whiskey drinkers seem to. But it seemed to go over well. Hey, it is Joe Paterno's favorite bourbon.

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