Thursday, July 1, 2010

City in a garden

What should you do if it is sunny and 75 degrees? If you're watching the world go by, perhaps look a little closer.


The Conservatory. I wonder how these grounds will look in October. I imagine they will be marvelous.


Come with me and relax in the Monet gardens. I hope you brought your snifter of Cognac. As long as we are going all Parisian, you might as well please your hipster friends with a little Django.

Yeah, I know...hipsters...still it is the Monet gardens

When in Rome and all.


See what lies through the next door. We're exploring new avenues and new possibilities. Besides, you don't have a job. You ain't got shit to do.


Out here we're a city in a garden. Though from afar this building looks abandoned I assure you it is not blight. They are still open for business making things. But be careful you don't fall into that trap of doing stuff and making things. Not on a day like this.


Otherwise you'll end up a busy bee. Remember: working is for suckers.

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