Thursday, July 15, 2010

Murphy summer

Call it fate. Call it coincidence. Whatever it may be, I am in the midst of a Murphy summer. It began when I found my lost copy of Feeding the Machine while packing. Then it was lost again. Now it is rediscovered again. Then I discovered a clutch of Murphy's Irish whiskey from the 80s. Coincidence?

Today I played Convergence for the first time in many years. I had forgotten that Devin Townshend sang on two songs. I forgot that one song has vocals very similar to Alice in Chains. I did remember about the Chuck Billy song.

Devin singing

Alice in Chains sounding

Chuck Billy

Man, what a killer album. Plenty of instrumental songs that don't miss vocals at all, some good vocal songs, and did we mention guitar solos? Oh yeah, there's guitar solos. What else would you expect from an album with a dude giving his guitar a post-coitus hug on the cover?

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