Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Embrace your inner Goth with a pint of whiskey

It's cold and grey.  The sort of grey that is perfect.  The buildings downtown are silhouettes in the haze and a film of moisture covers my overcoat.  I want to drink Canadian whisky.  Or else a really "heavy" whiskey.  Maybe Old Fitzgerald.  Definitely something good and cheap and a little rough around the edges.

I can't embed this (WHY?) but I saw an 8 year old sing Love Will Tear Us Apart with the family band last weekend.  I can't decide if this is like the Partridge Family or Dad Rock or what.  They're not very good by the way.

Wait, where was I going with this?  Oh, while all the whimps like Morrissey you were probably listening to Joy Division on your walkman and taking shots of vodka from your locker because Morrissey is for the kids who get beat up in gym class and Joy Division is for the kids who don't go to gym class.

But when the rain stops and streets start to dry all your cities will turn to dust

Once upon a time I worked the night shift.  The most depressing thing wasn't sleeping through the day but being locked inside all night.  Outside at night is where the wicked spirits play.

Soon I'll put the wool coat away, and bring out the raincoat. Spring is right around the corner. Hope springs eternal.

Until then it is a long haul.

Just keep on walking, and remember that Goth is a state of mind.  And a rumbling bass guitar.

So you can take all your black eyeliner and black leather baubles, bangles, and beads and shove them up your ass.

Back when big hair meant something


It is like that video for Scar Tissues but not boring and whiny which is kinda weird when you think about it.  Maybe I'm wrong here.  After all I did eat the Carne Asada from Costco.

Jeezus that article is so spot on.  My wife and I couldn't decide if we would be better off to just vomit that shit up after we made the mistake of swallowing it down.  Where was I going with this?  Oh right, rumbling bass guitars...

Right.  So just remember that even Robert Smith finds some redemption every now and again, even though he probably spent his share of time getting shoved into lockers he probably spent just as much time smoking in the boys room and kissing girls behind the bleachers.  He probably snuck a pint of cheap Canadian whisky to the pep rally and wandered off alone above a raging sea...

Ok that last one might get you shoved inside a locker.

Sometimes I think it's too bad that cigarettes have been outlawed...

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  1. Nice... every time I read your blog I get reminded of music I'd forgotten about. NOW I need to dust off my copy of "A Slight Case of Overbombing." Great music for bundling up to when it's cold...