Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whiskey review: Origine and Jameson 18

Today you get a treat, a whiskey double header.  First up is Jameson 18, which was a lovely gift.  The first thing I noticed was the spicy flavor.  This has the same underlying flavor of Jameson, but a big oakey spicy flavor on top.  I think it is a good, smooth whiskey but with a big flavor.  Not mellow at all, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I like the packaging a lot too, even though that is somewhat ancillary.  What matters is the liquid in the bottle.  It is definitely a different take on Jameson from the regular stuff, the 12, or the Gold.  In fact I'd say that Jameson Gold has the mellow flavor I expected from Jameson 18, and Jameson 18 the spicy fire I expected the virgin oak in Jameson Gold to impart.


The strap is held on top by a small Jameson logo magnet. When this bottle is finished years from now I will surely cut that magnet off and wear it as a pin of some sort. Why not? Would I just throw it away?


A fine whiskey with a big, spicy, oakey flavor.

Next up is Origine Irish whiskey.  I was intrigued by the claims to being a small batch whiskey.  However, I found it to have a sour flavor.  The sourness started before I even swallowed.  To be honest I don't really like Origine at all.  I mean I don't know if I will finish this stuff.  Maybe I'll mix it with Diet Coke, but I just don't care for the flavor.  I wish I would have bought another bottle of Old Fitzgerald instead.


So there it is, my new least favorite Irish whiskey.

Quite the ceremony of opposites, I'd say. 

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