Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life lessons learned the hard way

Many years ago I worked out at the gym.  I used a lot of exercise machines.  In hindsight I don't know why. I guess machines = superior.  I guess you can't blame me, after all I was raised on the 6 million dollar man.  I have since learned that machines are inferior to free weights.  Maybe that was the lesson from Rocky 4?  Well I learned this lesson from the Marlboro man.  Watch and learn.

So here is how Mr. Booze stays in drinking condition.

Step one is queue up some workout jams.  Lately it is 33rpm Metallica, Danzig II and III, and Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power.  That is pretty much as good as it gets.  Then it is all free weight exercises.  A 40 pound starter barbell set is pretty cheap at the sporting goods store.  And keep your eyes peeled for deals on Craigslist.  My weights are discs that are easy to store in my tiny apartment.

After a good workout I find it is important to have a glass of whiskey.  The alcohol opens the blood vessels which helps remove any lactic acid buildup*.  I also like the Lebowski ritual to help reduce stiffness and soreness.

So since this is the internet this is a safe place to share, right?  Ok, I'll share this with you.  I sometimes grab the wife's bathsalts and put them in a hot bath.  I find it also helps reduce stiffness and soreness the next day.  Don't tell nobody, alright?

In the 4 or 5 months I've been using this routine I've gotten more results than when I went to the gym and used exercise machines for weight training for 3 years.

File photo of Mr. Booze after a few months of lifting weights

Here are two of my favorite weightlifting tracks.  Since I started lifting again I've become a born again fan of the classic Danzig solo albums, especially Lucifuge and How the Gods Kill.  I could write an essay about how great those albums are, and really about the whole Glenn Danzig body of work (the Misfits will be awesome forever), but that's another time. 

Anyways, workout jams recommendations are appreciated! 

Good downbeat HERE (no embed WTF?)

*I am not a licensed medical practitioner so don't interpret this as medical advice.  Always consult with a physician or licensed medical practitioner before engaging in any physical activity, consuming alcohol, or any combination thereof

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