Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The whiskey keeps rolling along

The last I heard from India was in 2010 when Officer's Choice whisky was supposed to emerge in US markets.  So far as I know, nothing came of it.  But now there is news of a second Indian whisky brand coming to America.  United Breweries is said to be launching two brands in America:  Royal Challenge whisky and Antiquity whisky.  So far no sight of them, but this time it looks more promising.  If I catch a bottle I will have a full report.

And in other whiskey news...

Previously I extolled the virtues of whiskey as medicine, but now you don't have to take my word for it.  The oldest woman in Scotland, Janet Roberts, was 110.  And?  And she was the matriarch of one of the largest whisky families in the world.  The graddaughter of the founder of Glenfiddich.

And?  And a 105 year old woman drinks a sip of whisky a day for heath.  And a 102 year old man has a glass of whiskey a day.

Hey, I'm not saying whiskey will make you live longer.  Or that you should even drink whiskey.  But we'll see who lives longer.

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  1. Hi Mister Booze,
    I like your blog, I see that you talk about whisk(e)y and we then have something in common.
    However, I can tell that you haven't spoken about scottish whisky yet.

    I have a "kind of" LABEL 5 press release to share. So, could I get your email and send you more information about it ?

    PS : btw, I've seen you like to play guitar and you're really good. I've started couple of weeks ago, I've never played a music instrument before. As opposite to you, I have an acoustic guitar. It's pretty hard to play well and I feel like unproductive. So, informal question, for how long have you been playing it ?
    (I know that it's not the original topic I contacted you for but you know, epicurean until the end haha).

    Thanks anyway