Sunday, October 4, 2009

The folly of work

Going to work tomorrow. Because I am a sucker. It should be better than my last job, based purely on location. Let me show you what I mean.


This is the hallway to my "office". If it looks to you like a dank basement hallway that's because it is a dank basement hallway.


And here is my cubicle. You can't see from this perspective, but the cubicle divider between myself and my co-worker is the width of the desk; only about two feet deep.

This place was drab, and not to get all woe is me but I am a bit allergic to dust and mold. And guess what dank basements are filled with. So as you can imagine my allergies were going haywire from the minute I sat down at my desk to the time I left at the end of the day. It got so bad I had sneezing fits and had to take Benadryl and find some way to not fall asleep by lunch.

So the new place shouldn't be so bad because I've been through worse. Also, closing loans can be a real intense experience when your borrower has no place to live because his lease expires today and the underwriter won't approve your loan because the appraiser hasn't sent a re-cert of value and everyone (loan officer, borrower, realtor) is freaking out and losing their mind. So yeah, I'm not worried about being able to handle the new digs.

I do worry about how I'm going to watch the last half of college football season. Hulu? Should I buy a Tivo? Dust off the old VCR and pray it will still record? Get torrents? I have two weeks to figure this out.

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