Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween dilemma

For the past year I thought about dressing as panther dance era Michael Jackson for Halloween. It is a simple concept. I put on dress shoes, dress pants, a black shirt unbuttoned, and a white t-shirt. Some eyeliner, a surgical mask, and a hat. For gravy I was going to get juice boxes and lance them with syringes "for the children".

Now that he is dead, MJ is going to be the most popular costume out there. I'm sure everyone will be milking the panther dance era MJ because it is the least capital intensive.

So simple even I can do it. The dance moves are great, you slap your arms around and grab your crotch.

Well, I'm thinking that this is out. In protest I decided that I would not dress up at all. But now I am starting to get a bit edgy and am looking for a costume. I'm not sure why, I'll be working that day anyways. But then I saw this, and then it all came back:

All hail the King!

So what do you think? Go out as Panther MJ? Any good last minute costume ideas on the cheap? Old Crazy newspaperface?

1 comment:

  1. I kind of feel like Michael Jackson is a strange costume for this year. It seems to soon. Maybe I'm just being sentimental.

    Although, on a side note, I give you full rein to wear Crow costumes when I kick the bucket.