Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In ages past

When I was in highschool a new tardy policy was introduced. It was called the tardy tank. It worked like this: when the final bell rang, the teachers shut the door. If you missed the door, that was it. The hall monitors would sweep everyone who was not in a classroom into the "tardy tank".

The tank was great. There are some days when you know that they are not teaching anything worthwhile. There are some days when you just need an hour to zone out in peace and quiet.

The tank was originally located on the second floor of the library. I was not previously aware that there was a second floor because the library was very tall, like an open air atrium. Consequently the view from the tank was nice. I remember sitting in the tank watching the sun rise in autumn and feeling glad that I was not in class.

You could only go to the tank so many times per class or they would call your parents, so I made sure not to go too often. By the end of my senior year it was relocated to a dungeon room next to the cafeteria kitchen, and I stopped going.

I mention this because training at work reminds me of high school. I am bored all day long in a drab conference room with the other drones, and wishing that I could go to the tank next period. Time to implement the office tank!

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