Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Costco Files

Costco carries its own Kirkland signature bourbon.  A cursory googling on the godmachine revealed no reviews or tasting notes.  Is it any good?  Well according to Costco's monthly magazine one Joe Butera from Newark, Delaware reports:

I read ["Costco introduces Kirkland Signature Bourbon", April 2011].  However, being a self-professed bourbon connoisseur, I was skeptical.  I purchased a bottle and to my surprise was impressed by the quality and drinkability of the Kirkland bourbon.

Just to make sure I hadn't lost my taste buds, I invited two other bourbon drinkers over for a blind taste test.  In all we tasted seven different bourbons, which included several premium, name brand, small batch bourbons; all three of us chose the Kirkland brand as the winner.

This bottle of Kirkland brand bourbon now occupies a space on the top shelf of my home bar.

So there you have it.  Still no flavor profile.  Is is a wheated bourbon, or does the mashbill favor rye?  Or maybe a mostly barley backing.  Old Grand Dad has a strong rye presence in the mash, which gives its famous bite.  Other bourbons are sweeter with a wheat back.   Still with this glowing endorsement from Costco's own publication how could I miss?  So I just might bite the bullet and give Costco a swig.  If so stay tuned for a review, including flavor profile.  And if you, dear reader, pick up a bottle please let me know what you thought of the taste.

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