Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Morbid Angel: Final Verdict

You may recall that Morbid Angel has a new album coming out, and with that the blame game arises.  Who is to blame for it being shitty?  I still blame the guy that writes all the music and is the only constant factor in the band.


Yeah that guy.

I mean every single member of the band is different from the last album except him.  Now you might be thinking that old Mister Booze is changing his tune because he didn't think it was too bad based on the two songs available.  If the whole album sounded like Nevermore wouldn't you think it was Domination part 2?  But thanks to the miracle of the internet you can hear the whole thing before being tricked into buying it and save yourself some cash.  And wowee that is a terrible album.  When Adolph Hitler rips your album you know you're in trouble.

I really wish I could interview Trey to find out what the hell he was thinking.  I mean it isn't like mixing death metal and techno is a new or novel concept.

Yeah.  That.

He seems really unaware of things.  He seems unaware that death metal fans want to go to concerts to hear death metal and not jungle drum and bass.  This is almost shockingly ignorant of his own fans.  I also want to ask why he thought it was a good business decision to alter the Morbid Angel brand after working so hard to establish the current Morbid Angel brand.

Yeah, also that.  It isn't really new (see above), just new for Morbid Angel.  And it isn't really good.  When you are outdone by something Fear Factory released over a decade ago, you know you're in trouble.

Just to reiterate:  Fear Factory > Morbid Angel.  Yeah, I said it.  I mean wouldn't you rather listen to this:

I'm going to guess that the reviews for Mechanized are better than for Illud Divinium Insanus.  Just sayin'.

Sigh...well we will always have Covenant and their apotheosis, God of Emptiness.

Sick, morbid, and original.  There was nothing like it before and even Morbid Angel themselves could never reach those heights again.

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  1. I'm blaming Vincent for this mess. Dude is/was in Genitortures, so I mean that at least explains their look now. The music I think Trey sorta phoned in, the solos just sound really forced.

    Opeth said it right. Extreme death metal died in the 90s. Ah well, least I saw some good shows.