Monday, June 13, 2011

Wine Odyssey

At the grocery store I wonder "will this ferment" and "will this taste any good".  Can you ferment bacon?  Can you ferment pizza rolls?  Wouldn't bacon wine be the best thing ever?

Since the tropical theme is going strong, I wondered aloud "can you ferment that coconut juice in the can from the 'ethnic food' isle?"  Mrs Booze says "yeah, of course" and then suggests I make pina colada wine and grabs some pineapple juice concentrate for me.

With this batch I will take every precaution to sterilize most thoroughly every particle.  I will do my utmost to keep it cool in case it gets to 95 degrees again.  And I will buy some white wine (champagne) yeast for this project.  I hope to have a report on the progress in a few weeks or less.  I hope to not have any sulfur smell or sour tastes that need airing out.  Cheers.

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