Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pineapple coconut wine

I racked the pineapple coconut wine to secondary fermentation.  The coconut oil congealed into a thick layer at the top.  I left that in with the slurry.  I tasted the juice and it was a bit oily and a bit dry but good.  I added a little more sugar and some corn sugar that the yeast will not ferment for additional sweetness.  It will be good but will probably only yield 2 liters.  Maybe less.  The new batch was good and clear of Sulfur Dioxide.

I also tasted the orange juice/orange pineapple juice mixture.  It was bad.  The previous batch was probably contaminated because the old slurry produced more SO2.  Even after the SO2 aired out the taste was bitter.  There was no sugar left, and oranges without sweetness is a bitter drink.  So I dumped it.

So now Mrs. Booze is making wine and I am clearing out another jug of Carlo Rossi.  Can you believe it is 12 dollars?  It used to be 7 or 8.  Oh well.  What sort of wine should I make next?  After all, everything can ferment.

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