Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Into the belly of the beast

So I have two pretty solid leads for jobs. They both involve climbing back into the belly of the beast. One of them into Malebolge's maw. Will I be devoured whole? Who knows? Still, I gots bills to pay. So into the belly of the beast I may indeed crawl.

OK, now for something cheerful. Check out this band history from Myspace:

If one states Rossomahaars history is History in full measure, hes wrong. Nevertheless, the bands foundation dates back to the beginning of 1995, when Lazar (guitars) and Vlad (drums, vocals) started off working on few compositions which, this way or another, could be reckoned to the genre of black metal stylistically. Speaking about Rossomahaar as its been in the year 1995, one would easily say there wasnt much place for originality Those songs were issued in the shape of Grotesque demo later on, though. A fact worth mentioning: both musicians simultaneously played in Moscows dark metal act Stonehenge, which was considered top-priority then, and therefore Rossomahaars rehearsals took place quite rarely, to say the least. However; both came up with an idea of putting the songs they composed on tape Summer 1997, although personal and musical disagreements ruined the whole affair. Three tracks were recorded, but never issued anywhere.

They sound ok, nothing to write home about. But I love that band history. Hey, they're Russians writing in English - how good could you write in Russian? Still "could be reckoned to the genre of black metal" is a phrase I never imagined I'd read.

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