Friday, May 13, 2011

Morbid Angel humor

The other day I posted an album review of Morbid Angel's newest release Illud Divinium Insanus by cutting up reviews of their previous albums and pasting it together to form a new review.  I thought this was fitting because it is reminiscent of how their albums sound lately; a generic pastiche of their former material.  Apparently the post was deleted by the powers that be because they came from AllMusic, the undisputed leaders of shitty, generic album reviews.  Sorry that you did not get to enjoy the joke.  Though the real joke is calling Formulas "their best record to date".  LOLZ.

As you know I don't like reviews that give normative values to music; with the youtubes at your disposal it is possible to just listen to the album before you buy it and decide for yourself. 

As for the new album itself, from what I hear on the youtubes it sounds good but not great.  I like it better than Heretic, and about as much as Domination.  I've never heard anyone call Domination their favorite.  Of course I've never heard anyone call Formulas their favorite either.

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