Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From my childhood: shitty Star Wars spinoffs

When I was a child, Star Wars was popular.  I was too young to have watched the movies in the theater, but the movies were popular none the less.  I knew the story and probably watched the movies on TV at some point.  I even recall watching a droids TV show and eating terrible tasting Star Wars cereal for the C3P0 cutout mask on the back of the box.  But even as a child, I remember Ewoks:  The Battle for Endor being a big pile of shit.

First, where is Luke Skywalker?  That was the whole point of Star Wars for me as a child.  Watch Luke cut things up with a lightsaber.  The force.  Spaceships and blasters.  Instead it was magic and wizards and Ewoks.  Total crap.

Who wants to watch some old dude?  Where is the adventure?  Bullshit.  Even as a child I thought it was crap.  And it was.  Throwing in scenes from Empire Strikes Back in the trailer?  Talk about bait and switch.

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