Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remembering the 90s: Joe Satriani

If you haven't heard, Joe Satriani plays guitar in the Dad Rock band Chickenfoot.  But for you kids that don't know; before he starting coming out of the speakers of your dad's Blazer as he drives you home from your baseball game, he was a solo guitarist in the 90s.  One of the original fingerwizard instrumental guitarists.

This is pretty much what life was like in the 90s.  Everyone saw this commercial, but few knew that the song playing was not written for the commercial.  It was just Satriani (or Satch as he is known) trying to capture the spirit of the times.  You see, everyone was happy in the 90s because everything was going great in the USA.  Satch's desire to make the soundtrack of our times was immense.  He even went so far as to record a techno album.  So 90s!  Back when everyone was taking Ecstasy and going to raves.  It is actually my favorite techno album.  Suck on that Moby.

It was the soundtrack to countless hours playing SSX on the PS2.  *sigh*

So now you know.  And just so you know, Joe Satriani has another fingerwizard guitar album out called Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards.  Which, yeah, Joe knows his demographic.  Nerds.

I'll bet old Satch has no idea that there was a movie out with a similar title around the same time.  God bless you Satch.  You keep the dream of the 90s alive.  Keep on writing the soundtrack to people staring at computer screens and toiling away, dreaming of riches far away...


  1. LOL at "Dad Rock"!

    That commercial is etched in my brain forever. The promise of the discman! Everyone who was cool had to get one.

    But I don't think the '90s were as idyllic as you remember. The first part of the decade, our economy was in the shitter and everyone was freaked out because jobs were headed overseas (I remember Japanese cars surpassing American ones being a big thing).

  2. His music isn't really "90s" rock. He came out with at
    least two major albums in the 80s first that had a big

    I'd like to think of his current albums as 21st century
    since he still learns & adds new creativity to his playing.
    Chickenfoot on the other hand is an ode to 80s rock,
    probably more so than 90s rock & hasn't generated much
    interest to this fan.