Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Homebrew report card

Time's up!  Put your pencils down.  And how did you do, blueberry and pomegranate blend?  Let's see, first we check the nose.  The smell is off.  A sour smell.  I blame the baker's yeast.  The taste is ok, smooth but also a bit sour.  I thought the juice blend was a bit sour for this project.  I will try a straight grape juice blend before I condemn this project entirely.  Still, it is a drinkable alcoholic beverage.  I'd guess I hauled 3 liters worth of hooch for less than 5 dollars.  I'd grade this a "gentleman's C".  Ok, maybe C-.  Also, I don't have a hydrometer so I don't know how strong it is.  I'm guessing maybe 13% but who knows.  Perhaps it just needed more sugar.  Sugar is fungible in these kitchen projects...

I think this strain of yeast would be better served brewing a beer or something made from cereals rather than fruit though.  Maybe it is worth it to get that winemaker's yeast.  I wonder if that is something teenagers today can buy?  Surely you don't need ID to buy yeast, right?

At the very least you could easily mix this with Diet Coke or something.  Probably a cola, though Coke is too expensive these days.  Is this the poor man's Kalimotxo?

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