Monday, September 14, 2009

Cisco watch

Normally I am not into rituals. Some argue that rituals are an intrinsic part of the human experience. I think they are boring, and largely avoid them. Does that mean I'm not human? Still, I do indulge in one ritual.

My post-interview ritual when blazing through the job circuit is to douse my sorrows with a coating of MD 20/20. Like novocaine for the soul! It will coat your unhappiness like bathtub scum. Mmmmm, bathtub scum...

So there I was at the liquor store. I went for the cooler (my store keeps it cold for me) and reached in for my 20/20 when I saw that my world has a new addition. Orange Jubilee! Now normally I would be all over that to review for the Booze Army. But I've done enough gambling on hooch for a while, and I went with old faithful "red grape".

It was then that I noticed that there are two delightful new flavors of Cisco: grape and pineapple. Let's all welcome the new addition to the bumwine family. I was going to take pictures for posterity, but the lady behind the counter was already eying me good for coming in to buy bumwine wearing a suit.

Connoisseurs beware: I spyed these new flavors only in the 13% alcohol variety. As you recall from your hobonomics, compared to the full 18% of Richards, that ain't no deal.

Blue devil

I don't know how it stacks up with Blue Rasberry for taste, but definitely falls short on the econometric scale of homeless poverty.

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