Wednesday, September 2, 2009


What kind of person goes to the liquor store and looks at all the bottles but doesn't buy anything? What kind of person spends hours online pouring over reviews of bottom shelf hooch? Someone who is unemployed and has too much time on their hands. Me, that's who.

Briefly; the liquor store only sells Ancient Age in the plastic containers, and I reject drinking from plastic. So it is off the list. The Ten High at the store is not a blend. It says "straight" whiskey on it, which I understand to be American parlance for a "single" in Irish/Scottish whisk(e)y. OMG the internet lied! But I'm not going to add it to the list because I gotta whittle this down before kick-off. But more on that later.

I figured that since I am an old curmudgeon I should pick something with "old" in the name. It worked out really well with Old Overholt rye whiskey. My choices are:

Old Grand-dad
Old Fitzgerald
Old Crow

However, today I went to the other good liquor store in town, mostly to see if they have any different brandies. They don't. But they do have Old Charter bourbon. Aged in oak 8 years. 14 dollars.

So now I'm thinking:

Old Grand-dad
Old Fitzgerald
Old Crow
Old Charter

Old Grand-dad is just at the cusp of my price, but they have the "bottled in bond" 100 proof for 14.49, which is reputed to be superior to the 80 proof. Old Charter is the same price, but aged 8 years. I don't really care about proof at all. Old Fitzgerald has a spiffy label. It has a depiction of a pot still (even though it certainly is made in a column still) and has the motto "Old fashioned but still in style". Hey, that's me! The only good thing I can say about Old Crow is the following story:

One time I bought a bottle of Old Crow on a lark and took it to the 308 house. There was a party. We started drinking the Old Crow. We started mixing it with Richard's Wild Irish Rose. The only thing I remember about Old Crow is that I remarked "pretty smooth for ten bucks". The next morning the bottle was empty, so it must be alright. What it tastes like...well that was too long ago to recall.

The other good thing about Old Crow is that you can affectionately call it the rotten raven.

About kick-off: I forgot that kick off for college football season does not start on Saturday. It starts tomorrow night with Oregon vs Boise St! Hey, actually that game sounds pretty good. It is like rubbing one out a couple hours before you head out to club technochocolate to get some ass.

I better hurry up and make a damn decision already!

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