Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First whisky, now Heavy Metal

First they started to make whisky. Now they are perfecting the art of heavy metal to export to the world markets. Yes, it turns out there is heavy metal in India:

Old school, for sure. A bit of old Celtic Frost in this, and some doomy stuff, and maybe a bit of thrash elements. Also, there is this Testament worship:

Though it has Dissection vocals, I reminds me of old Testament a lot. Probably helps with pronunciation, diction, and elocution. Actually, this isn't bad at all. I hope their whisky is this good, it is supposed to hit Stateside before the New Year. Speaking of which, the googles are telling me that the Amrut homepage will give my computer the heebie jeebies. Weird.

Anyways, the band is called Kryptos. I hope it is a Sanskrit word for something cool. Graverobber would be a cool band name. Maybe it is Sanskrit for graverobber? I can only pretend.

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