Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The godmachine explained

You may be wondering why I refer to the iPhone as the godmachine. Its meaning may be obvious to you, but I will explain to the uninitiated.

The band Nevermore wrote a song called Poison Godmachine. It is about the television. "Useless information for your useless little lives. The tv lies and pacifies". If the tv is a godmachine, surely this phone is one too. For, with the right app (slingbox) it is a tv. But it is so much more; GPS navigation, mp3 player, mobile phone, web browser, etc. Surely the ancients would have thought its powers god-like. But is it poisonous like television?

Also, I lost my copy of The Politics of Ecstasy. If you have an extra, it may be mine. If so send me a line, I miss it.

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