Thursday, September 3, 2009


I haven't finished either Napoleon book, but they are coming along. I sent that logic book back. Formal logic isn't my thing in the first place, but this book didn't have enough explaining why. I found a website that is better if I am ever again curious.

I was also disappointed in The Maltese Falcon. It was a 1950s reprint, and mentions WWII and other postwar items. The book was originally published around 1920. The Bogart film is from 41, filmed before the war. So I had to wonder just how much was updated for the times, and that took away from some of the pleasure of reading.

This week:

Live and Let Die - there are only two James Bond books I haven't read, but after this I will be down to the Spy Who Loved Me.

The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - I want to learn a few simple card tricks. I figure it is an easy way to break the ice when meeting new people. Unfortunately this book is not for beginners. It explains how to perform the tricks, but not any card trick techniques necessary so I am at a loss and this book goes straight back. I guess I will have to let YouTube be my guide.

The Cure - Bloodflowers ...because there is a good chance my team will lose this Saturday.

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